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This document describes the changes made to the software between the previous and current versions (see above). If you don't find something listed here, then it was not done in this timeframe, or it was not considered important enough to be mentioned. The following information is located here:

Major changes

  • None

Software configuration changes

  • Should use AC_CANONICAL_HOST since host specifies the run-time target whereas target is used to specify the final output target if the package is a build tool (like a compiler), which libtiff is not. Resolves MapTools bugzilla #2307 "Use AC_CANONICAL_HOST macro".

Library changes

  • libtiff/tif_getimage.c: Check the number of samples per pixel when working with YCbCr image in PickContigCase(). As per bug MapTools bugzilla #2216

  • libtiff/tif_dir.c: Set the bogus post-decoding hook when processing TIFFTAG_BITSPERSAMPLE in _TIFFVSetField() for the case of 8 bit when we don't need any post-processing. That helps to reset the hook if we previously set this field to some other value and the hook was initialized accordingly. As per bug MapTools bugzilla #2035

  • libtiff/tif_getimage.c: Avoid wrong math du to the signed/unsigned integer type conversions. As per bug MapTools bugzilla #2207

  • libtiff/tif_dirinfo.c: Don't use assertions in _TIFFFieldWithTag() and _TIFFFieldWithName() if the tag is not found in the tag table. This should be normal situation and returned NULL value should be properly handled by the caller.

  • libtiff/tif_dirwrite.c, tif_print.c: Properly handle DotRange tag as it can be either byte or short size and should be set and read by value, not as an array. As per bug MapTools bugzilla #2116

  • libtiff/tif_dirread.c: Really reset the tag count in CheckDirCount() to expected value as the warning message suggests. As per bug MapTools bugzilla #1963

  • libtiff/tif_open.c: Fix mode check before opening a file. MapTools bugzilla #1906

  • libtiff/tif_jpeg.c, libtiff/tif_strip.c: apply patch for CVE-2010-3087 per bug MapTools bugzilla #2140

  • libtiff/tif_dirread.c: fix crash when reading a badly-constructed TIFF per MapTools bugzilla #1994

  • libtiff/tif_ojpeg.c: fix buffer overflow on problem data MapTools bugzilla #1999

  • libtiff/tif_dirread.c: modify warnings MapTools bugzilla #2016

  • libtiff/tif_jpeg.c: fix use of clumplines calculation MapTools bugzilla #2149

  • libtiff/tif_color.c: prevent crash in handling bad TIFFs resolves CVE-2010-2595, MapTools bugzilla #2208

  • libtiff/tif_dirread.c: fix needless tag ordering warning MapTools bugzilla #2210

  • libtiff/tif_jpeg.c: reduce usage of JCS_UNKNOWN in order to improve compatibility with various viewers submitted by e-mail from Dwight Kelly

  • libtiff/tif_strip.c: use TIFFGetFieldDefaulted() instead of TIFFGetField() when we assume that it will succeed MapTools bugzilla #2215

  • libtiff/tif_dirread.c: tolerate some cases where FIELD_COLORMAP is missing MapTools bugzilla #2189

  • libtiff/tif_jpeg.c: Fix regressions with 2 and 3 band images caused by commit on 2010-12-14. Submitted by e-mail from Even Rouault

  • libtiff/tif_dirwrite.c: Avoid undefined behaviour when casting from float to unsigned int in TIFFWriteRationalArray() as reported by Kareem Shehata.

  • libtiff/tif_fax3.h: Protect against a fax VL(n) codeword commanding a move left. Without this, a malicious input file can generate an indefinitely large series of runs without a0 ever reaching the right margin, thus overrunning our buffer of run lengths. Per CVE-2011-0192. This is a modified version of a patch proposed by Drew Yao of Apple Product Security. It adds an unexpected() report, and disallows the equality case, since emitting a run without increasing a0 still allows buffer overrun.

  • libtiff/tif_fax3.h: Fix to last change allowing zero length runs at the start of a scanline---needed for legal cases.

  • libtiff/tif_thunder.c: Correct potential buffer overflow with thunder encoded files with wrong bitspersample set. The libtiff development team would like to thank Marin Barbella and TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative for reporting this vulnerability (ZDI-CAN-1004, CVE-2011-1167). MapTools bugzilla #2300

  • libtiff/tiffiop.h: avoid declaring int64/uint64 on AIX with XLC where they are already available. (MapTools bugzilla #2301)

Tools changes

  • tools/tiffcrop.c: Patch from Richard Nolde. Reject YCbCr subsampled data since tiffcrop currently doesn't support it. Fix JPEG support.

  • tools/tiffcp.c: Initialize buffer arrays with zero to avoid referencing to uninitialized memory in some cases (e.g. when tile size set bigger than the image size).

  • tools/tiff2pdf.c: Better generation of ID field in t2p_write_pdf_trailer(). Get rid of GCC aliasing warnings.

  • tools/tiff2pdf.c: Fixed computation of the tile buffer size when converting JPEG encoded tiles.

  • tools/tiff2pdf.c: Better handling of string fields, use static string buffers instead of dynamically allocated, use strncpy() instead of strcpy(), control the string lengths.

  • tools/tiff2bw.c, tools/thumbnail.c, tools/pal2rgb.c: Fix the count for WhitePoint tag as per bug MapTools bugzilla #2042

  • tools/tiffdump.c: Use PrintData() function instead of PrintByte()/PrintShort()/PrintLong(). Should fix an issue reported at MapTools bugzilla #2116

  • tools/tiffset.c: Properly handle TIFFTAG_PAGENUMBER, TIFFTAG_HALFTONEHINTS, TIFFTAG_YCBCRSUBSAMPLING, TIFFTAG_DOTRANGE which should be set by value.

  • tools/tiffdump.c: Avoid integer overflows computing the buffer size for large directories. As per bug MapTools bugzilla #2218

  • tools/tiff2pdf.c: Fixed ID buffer filling in t2p_write_pdf_trailer(), thanks to Dmitry V. Levin.

  • tools/tiffcrop.c: Patch from Richard Nolde to avoid a potentially unterminated buffer due to using an exceptionally long file name.

  • tools/tiff2ps.c: improvements and enhancements from Richard Nolde with additional command line options for Document Title, Document Creator, and Page Orientation

  • tools/tiffsplit.c: abort when reading a TIFF without a byte-count per MapTools bugzilla #1996

  • tools/tiff2pdf.c: add fill-page option MapTools bugzilla #2051

  • tools/fax2ps.c: replace unsafe tmpfile() with mkstemp() MapTools bugzilla #2118

  • tools/tiff2pdf.c: fix colors for images with RGBA interleaved data MapTools bugzilla #2250

  • tools/tiffcrop.c: new release by Richard Nolde MapTools bugzilla #2004

  • tools/fax2ps.c: be consistent with page-numbering MapTools bugzilla #2225

  • tools/gif2tiff.c: fix buffer overrun MapTools bugzilla #2270

  • tools/fax2ps.c (main()): Use tmpfile() rather than mkstemp() since it is much more portable. Tmpfile is included in ISO/IEC 9899:1990 and the WIN32 CRT.

Contributed software changes

  • None