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This document provides a summary of significant changes made to the software between the previous and current versions (see above). A fully-detailed change summary is provided by the ChangeLog file included in the release package and by the Git commit history:

Major changes

  • Build and usage of the library and its utilities requires a C99 capable compiler.

  • New optional codec for the LERC (Limited Error Raster Compression) compression scheme. To have it available, configure libtiff against the SDK available at

  • CMake build: revamp of build scripts

Software configuration changes

  • cmake: revamp of the cmake build scripts. There are impacts on the case of some options.

  • cmake: update minimum version and policy version to 3.9.

  • Remove NMake build support. The functionality provided by the NMake build is now completely superseded by the CMake build.

  • Remove antiquated Scons and makefile.lcc build support.

  • Remove non-functional VMS and WinCE support.

  • now updates config.guess and config.sub from master gnulib version.

Library changes

  • Use of int8, uint8, int16, uint16, int32, uint32, int64, uint64 typedefs is now deprecated. libtiff code and headers no longer use them, and use their C99 standard equivalents (with _t suffix). Those typedefs are still available, with deprecation warnings, but external code is strongly encouraged to use the corresponding C99 stdint.h types. The deprecated types might be removed in a future release.

  • Removal of unused, or now useless due to C99 availability, functions in port/

  • A few issues spotted by static code analysis tools fixed. Compiler warnings addressed.

Tools changes

  • In usage text, insert a line of text summarizing each tool's purpose

  • tiff tools: made display of compression methods and their parameters conditional on their actual availability

  • tiff2ps: exit the loop in case of error (#232)

  • tiff2pdf: check that tiff_datasize fits in a signed tsize_t (#202)

  • tiffsplit: exit with EXIT_FAILURE if there are extra args on the command line

  • tiffcmp: fix comparaison with pixels that are fractional number of bytes (#53)

Contributed software changes

  • iptcutil.c - set #ifdef _WIN32 (was #ifdef WIN32, which failed at build time)