#include <tiffio.h>
int TIFFFieldReadCount(const TIFFField *fip)


TIFFFieldReadCount() returns the number of values available to be read from the specified TIFF field; that is, the number of arguments that should be supplied to TIFFGetField(). For most field types this is a small positive integer, typically 1 or 2, but there are some special values:

  • TIFF_VARIABLE = -1 indicates that a variable number of values is possible; then, a uint16_t count argument and a pointer data argument must be supplied to TIFFGetField().

  • TIFF_VARIABLE2 = -3 is the same as TIFF_VARIABLE except that the count argument must have type uint32_t.

  • TIFF_SPP = -2 indicates that the number of arguments is equal to the image's number of samples per pixel.

fip is a field information pointer previously returned by TIFFFindField(), TIFFFieldWithTag(), or TIFFFieldWithName().

Return values

TIFFFieldReadCount() returns an integer.

See also

libtiff (3tiff)