#include <tiffio.h>
uint32_t TIFFFieldTag(const TIFFField *fip)


TIFFFieldTag() returns the numeric tag value for a TIFF field. This can be compared to various constants exported by the libtiff header files, such as TIFFTAG_IMAGEWIDTH.

fip is a field information pointer previously returned by TIFFFindField(), TIFFFieldWithTag(), or TIFFFieldWithName().

Return values

TIFFFieldTag() returns an integer tag value.

See also

TIFFFieldDataType (3tiff), TIFFFieldName (3tiff), TIFFFieldPassCount (3tiff), TIFFFieldQuery (3tiff), TIFFFieldReadCount (3tiff), TIFFFieldWriteCount (3tiff), libtiff (3tiff)