The LibTIFF software was written by Sam Leffler while working for Silicon Graphics.

Silicon Graphics has seen fit to allow us to give this work away. It is free. There is no support or guarantee of any sort as to its operations, correctness, or whatever. If you do anything useful with all or parts of it you need to honor the copyright notices. It would also be nice to be acknowledged.

LibTIFF as been maintained by cast of others since 1999.

The persons currently actively maintaining and releasing libtiff are:

Significant maintainers in the past (since the 3.5.1 release) were:


The LZW algorithm is derived from the compress program (the proper attribution is included in the source code).

The Group 3 fax stuff originated as code from Jef Poskanzer, but has since been rewritten several times. The latest version uses an algorithm from Frank Cringle -- consult libtiff/mkg3states.c and libtiff/tif_fax3.h for further information.

The JPEG support was written by Tom Lane and is dependent on the excellent work of Tom Lane and the Independent JPEG Group (IJG) who distribute their work under friendly licensing similar to this software. Joris Van Damme implemented the robust Old JPEG decoder (as included in libtiff since version 3.9.0, there was another Old JPEG module in older releases, which was incomplete and unsuitable for many existing images of that format).

JBIG module was written by Lee Howard and depends on JBIG library from the Markus Kuhn.

Many other people have by now helped with bug fixes and code; a few of the more persistent contributors have been:


Bjorn P. Brox

Dan McCoy

J.T. Conklin

Richard Minner

Frank D. Cringle

Richard Mlynarik

Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

Niles Ritter

Steve Johnson

Karsten Spang

Tom Lane

Peter Smith

Brent Roman

Mike Welles

Frank Warmerdam

Greg Ward

Stanislav Brabec

Roman Shpount

Peter Skarpetis

Arvan Pritchard

Bernt Herd

Joseph Orost

Phil Beffery

Ivo Penzar

Francois Dagand

Albert Chin-A-Young

Bruce A. Mallett

Dwight Kelly

Andrey Kiselev

Ross Finlayson

Dmitry V. Levin

Bob Friesenhahn

Lee Howard

Joris Van Damme

Tavis Ormandy

Richard Nolde

Even Rouault

Roger Leigh

(apologies to anyone that was inadvertently not listed.)