Project Steering CommitteeΒΆ

As of April 2024, the project has been placed in the hands of a Project Steering Committee. This project steering committee operates under the rules of RFC 1: Project Steering Committee Guidelines, and is overall responsible for decisions related to the libtiff project. The current members are:

  • Bob Friesenhahn (@bobfriesenhahn)

  • Su Laus (@Su_Laus)

  • Roger Leigh (@rleigh)

  • Timothy Lyanguzov (@theta682)

  • Olivier Paquet (@1-Olivier)

  • Leonard Rosenthol (@lrosenthol)

  • Even Rouault (@rouault)

Note that discussion of proposals to the PSC take place on the libtiff mailing list (, requiring subscription at, archived at, and input from all subscribers is welcome. A list of past Request For Comments (RFCs) is available for review.